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Master's in Construction with a Sustainable Emphasis

Sergio Gómez Callejas

¡Welcome to Zacua Architecture S.A.S!


We are a Colombian company leading in design and construction, founded by architect Sergio Gómez Callejas.


We specialize in providing comprehensive and sustainable solutions for design, construction, and civil engineering projects.


We work closely with our clients, adapting to their needs to optimize time and costs during project execution, as well as ensuring an extended lifespan for each building.


At Zacua Architecture S.A.S, we employ cutting-edge technological tools, such as drones, to achieve precise project monitoring and ensure excellence in every detail.


Our philosophy is based on transparency and multidisciplinary work. We commit to maintaining constant communication with our clients to ensure a comprehensive and successful development of every aspect of their project.


Trust us to bring your dreams to life. At Zacua Architecture S.A.S, we transform your ideas into extraordinary spaces.


¿Why Zacua?

Discover the inspiration behind ZACUA!

The name ZACUA comes from a bird that challenges the limits of architecture. This bird, with its innate ability, builds its own nest using natural materials found in its environment, such as banana leaves cut into strips approximately 2 cm wide. Meticulously, he weaves these strips until he creates his unique shelter.

The ZACUA nest is a pear-shaped marvel, a voluminous bag constructed of compressed tissue and suspended from tree branches. These birds live in colonies, building their "homes" next to each other to provide each other with greater protection and security. They are a clear example of quality architecture, environmentally responsible and perfectly planned.

Our company, ZACUA Arquitectura, takes its name from these exceptional birds with the goal of applying the concepts of sustainability, responsibility and compliance in all our projects. From the basic housing unit to community life, we seek to be leaders in the development of projects that respect the environment and promote quality of life.

At ZACUA, we are inspired by nature to create functional, aesthetically attractive spaces in harmony with the environment. Join us and experience excellence in sustainable architecture

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Design, Construction, and Remodeling of Projects, Comprehensive Consulting from Start to Finish.



We advise from start to finish, from the purchase of the lot to the delivery of your completely finished dream home. We carry out designs, licensing procedures and execution of work with the best team



We design and execute the work so that your offices or business spaces have the best conditions in order to obtain spaces comfortable, pleasant and that you can enjoy them to the fullest



Design and construction of commercial spaces, the best spaces are achieved with Zacua Architecture and with an entire work team that gives you the best advice from start to finish


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Contact:   3137952951

Where your dreams come true!

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